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HUD Information for Agents & Buyers

What is a HUD HOME

NOT low-end housing!

  • Definition: A one-to-four unit single family residence acquired as a result of a foreclosure on an FHA-insured mortgage.
    • Vary in price, location and condition.
    • HUD Homes for sale throughout the state.
  • Some are move-in ready, others are not.
  • Offered for sale at fair market value, based on a recent appraisal.
  • Sold AS-IS

Understanding AS IS

  • No warranties, guarantees, or representations about the property, FHA Insurable or otherwise.
  • No repairs.
    • Exception: "Safe, Secure, Marketable"
  • Buyers allowed and encouraged to get independent Home Inspections.
    • Buyers do NOT acquire bills/liens

Who Can Buy a HUD Home


  • Owners-Occupants
    • Given exclusivity during certain bidding periods.
    • Must occupy the house for 1 year.
    • CANNOT participate in HUD sales for 2 years after purhcase
  • Investors
    • CANNOT bid until bidding period open to all bidders.
    • No restriction on quantity
  • Government Agencies, & HUD Approved Non-Profit Organizations

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